Native Village of Mekoryuk
Native Village of Mekoryuk

2022-2023 NVM Tribal Council

Background of the Tribal Government:


The Constitutution and By-Laws for the Native Village of Mekoryuk were adopted and ratified in August 24, 1940. By the Chairman of the Election Board Mr. Moses Nayiruk and a US Field Representative Dale Stewart. The Constitution and By-Laws was revised in April 1, 1995 by the local Tribal membership and was approved by Ms. Hilda Manuel, Deputy Commissioner of Bureau of Indian Affairs on May 16, 1995.


To date the Native Village of Mekoryuk continues to follow the Constitution and By-Laws to do business within the Tribe.

Edward Kiokun - President

Patricia Williams  - Secretary


Albert Williams - Member


Jack U. Williams Jr. - Member


Steven Whitman-Vice President

Carol Peterson - Member

Samson Weston - Member

Tribal Court

VACANT - Chief Judge

Tribal Court Judge - Solomon Wiliams

Phone: 907-827-8839

Tribal Judge - Mona David


Phone: 907-827-8839

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