Native Village of Mekoryuk
Native Village of Mekoryuk

Travel Requirements

Revised Covid-19 Mandate

May 26, 2021




The State of Alaska does NOT REQUIRE COVID-19 testing for travelers to enter the State of Alaska.


Since testing of non-vaccinated travelers is the best means for limiting the spread of COVID-19 virus and variants, it is recommended that non-vaccinated travelers test prior to travel or take advantage of the FREE vaccine and OPTIONAL COVID-19 testing at primary ports of entry in Alaska.


YKHC will no longer have COVID-19 testing available at the Bethel, Alaska Airlines terminal beginning June 1, 2021. We, the Native Village of Mekoryuk Tribe still urge people arriving to Mekoryuk to get a Binex test at the Mekoryuk Clinic.


Travel authorizations will no longer be required before traveling to Mekoryuk. However, the Tribal Police will still monitor and take temperatures at the Mekoryuk airport.


Fully Vaccinated Individuals – No quarantine, mask in public buildings for 7 days


½ Vaccinated Individuals – Mask in public, Social Distance, Binex test 7th day


Non-vaccinated Individuals – 7 day quarantine, Binex test 7th day, mask and social distance for additional 7 days, retest on the 14th day


Mask Mandate for General Public


On May 16, 2021 CDC updated that individuals fully vaccinated can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic.


As of May 26, 2021 Mekoryuk’s eligible population percentage is 72.9%.


Masks will NO LONGER be required in public buildings or gatherings in Mekoryuk.


However, please remember to wash your hands upon returning home and have a great summer!


If you have any questions please call our Tribal Court office at (907)827-8839.



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