Native Village of Mekoryuk
Native Village of Mekoryuk

Mission Statement for the Native Village of Mekoryuk


"To provide leadership for the betterment of the Cup'ig Tribal Members and their decendents in areas of economic development, education, health, self-governance, Tribal  Law, welfare and protection of natural resources"


Adopted: March 13, 1996

Tribal Resolution Number: 96-09

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The formation of the Native Village of Mekoryuk form of government is similiar to the United States of America branches of government. These branches include:


Legislature, Executive, Judicial and Administration.


In the Legislative branch there are seven Tribal Council members that are elected each fall at the annual election and sworn in at the annual meeting. Each seat has a staggered term. This branch is formed under the Indian Reorganization Act Council Act which was enacted on June 18, 1934 by the US Congress.


The Executive branch is composed of the Native Village of Mekoryuk Tribal Council President, Vice President and the Secretary. These offices hold staggered terms to ensure continuity of service to the Tribal Membership.


The Judicial branch consists of three Tribal judges. One Chief judge and two associate judges. The tribe is in the process of obtaining legal counsel to deal with issues that require legal advice.


Finally, the Administration branch includes the Executive Director who has oversight of the daily operations of the Native Village of Mekoryuk. The Executive Director has oversight of all the programs (PL 93-638) contracts and makes reports to agencies accordingly.

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